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a poem, written July 2014// The things we lost in the fire -will not return. history cleansed. laughter, tears and silence. burned together.
mutual memories. mutual possibilities. mutual paths. moments missed by minutes... Read more> 

t's time to leave the self hate at the door and celebrate every version of yourself. Give your darkness and your light a place on the dance floor, and grind like everyone's watching! Sing it with me: I'm a bitch. I'm a lover.... Read more >

Your body is your EQUAL partner in the worldly experience. Honour it, listen to it, do not ignore its needs - just as it does not ignore your desires. Connect back down and in, you will be lifted higher than you ever thought possible. Read more > 

Manifestation - this powerful concept hinges upon the understanding that we are the creators of our destiny. That everything we need has already been put in place in the etheric realm, and is just waiting to come into being in this physical reality. Read more > 

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when i enter my temple, i am home. 

your body. your passion. your life.

Bonjour! I'm Varya, though you may also know me in the blogging world as Barbara.

I'm on a healing mission to help people reconnect with their bodies. 

Take a little time and read about my personal journey or just jump straight into the resources I have to share with you. 

i have learned that the art of simplicity simply means

making peace with your complexity

- india arie

Varya is a special coach. She has a gift and makes me feel good about myself and the work I do. She gives me things to challenge me, and progresses me as I go. She makes sure I work within my limits, and focuses on the areas I want to work on. She is always available if I have any questions. She really works during each sessions, and I know she is always watching and assessing what we are doing as we go along. - Linda.

Varya is truly an excellent coach. She is positive, uplifting, and every session we have together is time well spent. Her work does not just extend to the session, but even after hours.  She is a supportive individual, passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, loving your body, and wellness of the mind. I recommend her to all those seeking to embark on the natural, progressive journey to a healthier and active self. - Chris

Varya is very gentle and truly understands my fears and works through them and past them. She reminds me how far I've come, encourages me to feel good myself. She focuses on good nutrition, and always asks me how I'm feeling. She is encouraging and positive. I am grateful for the progress I've made and the changes I see. Others have seen it in me too. Thank you! - Judy